Books Are Diamonds

Books Are Diamonds

Want good book recommendations? Love reading books? Then this is the blog for you!

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Below you’ll find my three most recent posts, but don’t worry if you’ve missed some past posts you can find them up at the top in the menu section! There you’ll find “Past Blog Posts”, and other sections to narrow down your search. Click on the “Books” tab and there you’ll find either novels or book series that I have or will be doing reviews on. You can also find links to the authors websites and or blogs along with links to buy the books. You’ll find an “Authors” tab, where you can see all of the authors that I have done book reviews for and also some information about them, along with their website and/or blog links and links to buy the books. If you keep scrolling down this page below you’ll find a comment section, if you have a book or series you would like to have a review on put them in the comments!

Recent Posts

Sofia’s War

Hi! I really wish I could insert a picture of this book for you, but I had run into an issue for putting up the picture. I will try to…

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The Preacher’s Daughter

“The Preacher’s Daughter” is the first book in Beverly Lewis’s series “Annie’s People”. Annie, the preacher’s daughter, has grown up all of her life as Old Order Amish in Paradise…

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